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Defense Lawyers for Underage Teens Charged with Drunk Driving in Frio County and Wilson County, TX

While the consumption of alcohol is considered a rite of passage by millions of teenagers across the United States, law enforcement and the legal system do not agree. When a teen drinks, they are much more likely than a legal adult to be involved in an auto accident, and alcohol is a factor in around 25 percent of all car crash deaths among those under 21 years of age.

With all of that in mind, Texas' underage drinking laws are severe by design. Even an offense that does not include driving while intoxicated can lead to driver's license suspension. At BRCK Criminal Defense Attorneys, we understand minors make mistakes and that one misstep should not critically impact someone's future. If you are under 21 and charged with DWI, or your child was pulled over for DWI or faces another alcohol-related charge, you need immediate legal representation from a skilled DWI lawyer.

Texas Under 21 DWI Laws 

The state maintains a zero-tolerance DWI policy that states no one under 21 can operate a motor vehicle after consuming any amount of alcohol or narcotics. Underage DWI first-time offenders, including minors charged with driving under the influence (DUI) who register a blood-alcohol concentration below .08, can face:

  • License suspension up to one year;
  • Fines up to $500;
  • At least 12 hours of alcohol education classes;
  • Installation of an ignition interlock device; and
  • Up to six months' additional license suspension if classes are not completed.

At BRCK Criminal Defense Attorneys, our attorneys include former DWI prosecutors and judges, which means we know how to get positive results. We will first investigate whether your case should be dismissed due to procedural violations by law enforcement or blood-alcohol concentration testing device malfunction.

Underage Alcohol Laws in Texas 

Virtually any alcohol citation can affect a minor's driving privileges in Texas, even if they were not driving. This includes buying or attempting to buy alcohol; misrepresenting your age to buy alcohol, including the use of a fake ID or forged documentation; consuming or possessing alcohol; and public intoxication. Penalties for these violations include:

  • First Offense: 30-day license suspension
  • Second Offense: 60-day license suspension
  • Third Offense: 180-day license suspension

As with underage DWI charges, BRCK Criminal Defense Attorneys are prepared to fight for minors' rights in other alcohol-related cases. We can determine whether the allegations are legitimate and take an aggressive course of action designed to reduce the potential damage. 

Contact a Pearsall, Texas Underage DWI Attorney

A DWI conviction for someone under 21 can bring devastating consequences. For some, it can mean getting turned down by the college they have always dreamed of attending or by an employer offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It can also delay an individual's ability to join the military or armed services. The experienced lawyers at BRCK Criminal Defense Attorneys want to help ensure those and other grave repercussions do not happen to you or your child. To learn how we can provide the DWI defense you need today, contact a Frio County DWI lawyer at 830-769-1010. We also serve clients in Wilson County, Floresville, Karnes County, and Karnes City.

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