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While Pleasanton, TX is known as the "Birthplace of the Cowboy," residents who are facing criminal charges do not need to worry about Wild West justice. Anyone who has been arrested and charged with a crime is entitled to a fair defense. By working with a skilled criminal defense lawyer, you can ensure that your rights are protected and that you understand the best defense strategies that can help you minimize the consequences you may face.

At BCP Criminal Defense Attorneys, our attorneys have more than 40 years of combined criminal law experience, and as former prosecutors, judges, and police officers, we understand the legal issues involved in criminal cases. We have represented thousands of clients throughout the state of Texas, and we are prepared to help you avoid the long-term consequences of a criminal conviction.

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Case Results

  • Continuous Sexual Assault

    Client faced anywhere between 25 years to life in prison for the offense. After an exhaustive jury trial, he was found not guilty.

    Felony Assault by Choking

    Client faced anywhere between 2 and 10 years in prison. After investigating facts and presenting evidence to the District Attorney, case was dismissed.

  • Aggravated Assault

    Client was accused of a violent stabbing and faced years in prison. After presenting sufficient evidence to sway the district attorney's office, case was dismissed.

    Family Violence

    Client faced up to a year in the county jail. After extensive preparation for trial, case was dismissed by the state prior to trial.

Defending Against Criminal Charges in Atascosa County

Regardless of the circumstances of your arrest, criminal charges will affect your life in a wide variety of ways. A misdemeanor or felony conviction can result in consequences such as large fines, time in prison, probation, and community service. Even if you are not convicted, you will have a criminal record that may affect your employment and a variety of other aspects of your life. Our attorneys can help you determine the best options for avoiding these consequences.

We provide representation in a wide variety of criminal cases, including:

At BCP Criminal Defense Attorneys, we are prepared to conduct an investigation into the circumstances of your arrest. We will work to uncover evidence that can be used during your defense, including determining whether your rights were violated by police officers. We will do everything we can to help you avoid a conviction and minimize the negative effects of your arrest.

Criminal Offenses and Charges

Criminal Record Expunction

Having an arrest or conviction on your criminal record can affect your ability to find a job, apply for a loan, obtain housing, receive higher education, or own a firearm. In some cases, you may be able to clear your criminal record through expunction. This will permanently remove information from your record, allowing you to receive a fresh start.

BCP Criminal Defense Attorneys can help you complete the expunction process correctly, ensuring that you meet the requirements to have your criminal record cleared. If expunction is unavailable in your case, we can help you understand your other options, including filing an order for nondisclosure of your record.

Local Matters

With a local office in Jourdanton, TX, and a former Atascosa County Prosecutor on staff, our law firm can provide you with the dedicated defense you need. We are highly respected in the local legal community, having tried and won numerous cases for our clients. As a member of the local Chamber of Commerce, we are known and respected throughout the area, and we have handled thousands of criminal cases at all levels in Atascosa County.

Contact a Pleasanton Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you are facing criminal charges, it is critical to secure the services of a skilled defense attorney as soon as possible. BCP Criminal Defense Attorneys can provide you with the representation you need, ensuring that your rights are protected and helping you understand the steps you should take throughout the legal process. Contact us today by calling 830-769-1010 or filling out the form below.

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  • “Barrera was my attorney for a criminal and misterminor case. I couldnt ask for a better attorney. At first I was a little nervous because he is a very quiet man, but when he is up there asking questions and cross examination Stephen is amazing and I knew i would be alright. We won both cases with no plea deals. I would recommend Stephen Barrera to everyone. I wish his law firm many years of success. Thank you for helping me keep my freedom.”

    - Laura Egelston

  • “Chris was very professional and knowledgeable of what I was needing taken care of. He handled everything for me and I am so very grateful for his help. I would highly recommend him and his firm. Thank u Chris and Im looking forward to remaining friends. Thanks again, Michael Levick”

    - Michael W. Levick

  • “I was really impressed with Christopher Cavazos and how well he knew the law. On several occasions hes given us valuable legal advice and has been respectful and professional no matter how many questions we had. I recommend him to everyone I know!”

    - Tracy Garcia

  • “Stephen is wonderfully articulate. He has a very organic way of explaining things so that they are clear, concise, and comprehensible to the average person; that coupled with his level of professionalism, empathy, and direct line of communication makes for an easy endorsement and recommendation.”

    - Andrew Sanchez

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In The News

Jury acquits Karnes City man in 2012 bar stabbing

September 20, 2018

Nearly everything went wrong for the prosecution in last week's murder trial at the courthouse, and jurors spent little time finding Jeffrey Reyna not guilty in the 2012 stabbing death of Jimmy Garcia. While the defense relied upon Reyna's DNA not being present on the weapon suspected as being used in the killing, prosecutors were depending on eyewitness testimony to implicate Reyna.

Various factors deliver "not guilty" verdict

Wilson County News, May 31, 2017

Attorney Stephen C. Barrera was explaining possible factors in the "not guilty" verdict in an April 24-27 jury trial of Robert Azevedo. Barrera and Attorney Brian Powers defended Azevedo against charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon against a police officer, and three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, after a September 2015 event.

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