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Karnes County Criminal Defense Attorneys

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Lawyers for Karnes City Clients Who Face DWI, Family Violence, or Weapons Charges

If you face criminal allegations, your future may rest on the aptitude of the lawyer you entrust to handle your case. A tenacious defense starts with impeccable knowledge of the legal system as it relates to the charges of which you stand accused. With so much on the line and the potential impact on your life, an attorney's experience and skill are critical for a successful conclusion.

At BRCK Criminal Defense Attorneys, you do not have to wonder if your legal representation is up to the task. Our lawyers include judges and former prosecutors who know what it takes to reach a favorable outcome, regardless of the charges. We inform our clients of all available options and strategies so we can work together in formulating the best course of action for your case.

Texas Criminal Charges

BRCK Criminal Defense Attorneys represents individuals charged with misdemeanor and felony crimes, including:

While conviction penalties for these crimes vary according to the seriousness of the offense, each carries significant consequences. For lesser offenses, we will fight to keep a conviction off your record either through dropped charges due to improper procedure, a diversionary program, or probation. When that is not possible, we will seek reduced charges that limit the impact on your daily life and your ability to support your family.

For the most serious of allegations, we will perform an exhaustive investigation to analyze all evidence, including police records and witness statements, to look for inconsistencies and violations of your rights. Our adept lawyers can negotiate with prosecutors to achieve the best possible result.

Texas Expunction Attorneys

Some individuals whose criminal records reflect an arrest or conviction are eligible to have the offense permanently removed through the expunction process. This includes those previously convicted of various misdemeanor offenses or charges that were dropped or never pursued prior to trial. This can be advantageous for those who have endured complications with potential employers because of a criminal background check.

BRCK Criminal Defense Attorneys lawyers can assess your record to see if the offense you wish to remove qualifies for a petition for expunction. If it does not meet the mandated requirements, it may qualify under standards for a nondisclosure order, which places a limit on who can access your criminal record.

Contact a Falls City Criminal Defense Lawyer

Whatever crime you have been charged with, you can trust BRCK Criminal Defense Attorneys to handle your case with the utmost care as we aggressively advocate for you throughout the legal process. During this stressful time, you can rest knowing we will fight for you every step of the way. To learn how we can help you today, contact a Kenedy defense attorney at 830-769-1010. We serve clients throughout Karnes County including Karnes City, Kenedy, Falls City, Cestohowa, Choate, Gillett, Hobson, and Runge. 

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