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Jourdanton, Texas Criminal Defense Attorneys

Karnes County DWI lawyer

Lawyers for Misdemeanor and Felony Charges in Atascosa County, Frio County, Wilson County, and Karnes County

If you face criminal charges, you are also facing potentially severe repercussions. While a felony charge may result in substantial fines and imprisonment, even a low-level misdemeanor can impact much of your life. To protect your future, it is imperative you entrust your case to a knowledgeable defense attorney who will fight for you.

At BCP Criminal Defense Attorneys, we deliver an aggressive and meticulous approach designed to get the best possible results for your situation. Our lawyers include judges and former prosecutors whose knowledge of the legal system can prove invaluable in negotiations or courtroom litigation. While you might feel intense stress and anxiety due to these charges, when you put your faith in us, you will receive an elite-level defense spearheaded by attorneys who put your best interests first. 

Types of Criminal Charges

BCP Criminal Defense Attorneys represent clients in a wide range of criminal cases, including:

  • Juvenile Offenses: Common charges include assaults, disorderly conduct, drug and alcohol citations, shoplifting, vandalism, online harassment, weapons possession, and violations at school.
  • CDL and Non-CDL Traffic Violations: Includes citations for speeding, reckless driving, texting while driving, passing a school bus, and driving without a license, registration, or insurance. This includes commercial driver's license holders cited while on or off the job who need their CDL to make a living.
  • Assault: Involves action that causes or threatens bodily harm, or contact that a victim perceives as provocative or offensive.
  • Driving While Intoxicated: Includes juvenile DWI, first-time DWIrepeat DWI, and DWI with a child passenger. We know how to beat a DWI in Texas
  • Drug Charges: Possession, manufacture, or distribution of narcotics, including prescription drugs and pills, cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, and synthetic marijuana.
  • Weapons Charges: Includes unlawful carrying of a weapon, possession, discharge, and transfer of a firearm, in addition to body armor, armor-piercing rounds, and silencers.
  • Family Violence: The three categories of these crimes in Texas include assault family violence, aggravated assault family violence, and continuous violence against the family.
  • Sexual Offenses: Felony sex crimes include sexual assault, indecency with a child, online solicitation of a minor, child pornography, and improper relationship between teacher and student.
  • Murder: Includes capital murder, which may be charged if committed against a police officer, fireman, representative of the court, or child under 10 years old.
  • White Collar: Crimes include corporate fraud, money laundering, embezzlement, and securities and commodities fraud.

Expunction and Non-Disclosure in Texas

If you have an arrest or conviction on your criminal record that you want removed due to its negative impact on your employability, BCP Criminal Defense Attorneys can pursue that action through the expunction process. This removal is allowed for various misdemeanors, including rejected cases, dismissed charges, not guilty verdicts, and successful completion of pretrial diversion programs. Our attorneys can assess the offense in question to determine if it is eligible for an order of expunction. If it is not, it may qualify for a nondisclosure order, which limits access to your criminal file. This now includes some first-time DWI cases.

Contact a Frio County Criminal Defense Lawyer

Whether you face a speeding ticket that can result in driver's license suspension or a violent offense that could mean prison time, you deserve a defense team that knows how to achieve a favorable outcome. The attorneys at BCP Criminal Defense Attorneys possess the skill and tenacity it takes. To learn how BCP Law can begin your defense today, contact a 24/7 Pearsall defense attorney at 830-769-1010. We also serve Wilson County, Floresville, Karnes County, and Karnes City.


  • “Barrera was my attorney for a criminal and misterminor case. I couldnt ask for a better attorney. At first I was a little nervous because he is a very quiet man, but when he is up there asking questions and cross examination Stephen is amazing and I knew i would be alright. We won both cases with no plea deals. I would recommend Stephen Barrera to everyone. I wish his law firm many years of success. Thank you for helping me keep my freedom.”

    - Laura Egelston

  • “Chris was very professional and knowledgeable of what I was needing taken care of. He handled everything for me and I am so very grateful for his help. I would highly recommend him and his firm. Thank u Chris and Im looking forward to remaining friends. Thanks again, Michael Levick”

    - Michael W. Levick

  • “I was really impressed with Christopher Cavazos and how well he knew the law. On several occasions hes given us valuable legal advice and has been respectful and professional no matter how many questions we had. I recommend him to everyone I know!”

    - Tracy Garcia

  • “Stephen is wonderfully articulate. He has a very organic way of explaining things so that they are clear, concise, and comprehensible to the average person; that coupled with his level of professionalism, empathy, and direct line of communication makes for an easy endorsement and recommendation.”

    - Andrew Sanchez

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