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Criminal Defense Attorney for Assault Charges in Frio County and Wilson County

Regardless of whether you are charged with a misdemeanor or felony, when you face a violent crime allegation, you are at a critical crossroad. An assault conviction can severely affect child custody and visitation, your employability, and much more. In fact, the negative impact can follow you for the rest of your life.

At BCP Criminal Defense Attorneys, we understand how daunting it can feel if you stand accused of assault, especially by a spouse or family member. Our attorneys include criminal judges and former prosecutors who are prepared to serve as your advocates to protect your future. With our collective experience, investigative skills, and proficiency in negotiations, you can expect an elite defense team that will tirelessly pursue a favorable resolution to your case.

Assault Charges in Texas

Texas Penal Code Chapter 22 states an individual commits assault if they intentionally or knowingly:

  • Cause bodily harm to another person;
  • Threaten an individual with imminent bodily harm; or
  • Cause physical contact with a person when they know it will be regarded as provocative or offensive.

An assault that results in bodily injury is typically charged as a Class A misdemeanor, which carries up to one year in jail and a $4,000 fine. The charge can escalate to a felony in certain circumstances, including if:

  • It was an act of family violence committed against a current partner, family member, or former spouse;
  • The alleged victim is a public servant, emergency services worker, or security guard performing their duty;
  • The action included deliberate impeding of a person's breathing by choking or blocking the nose or mouth; or
  • The suspect is a repeat violent offender.

Threats of bodily injury or provocative or offensive contact are commonly charged as a Class C misdemeanor but can bump to a Class B or Class A if:

  • The act is committed against an elderly or disabled person;
  • The offense is perpetrated by a spectator against an official engaged in a sporting event; or
  • The act is intended to force a pregnant woman to have an abortion.

Whatever type of assault charge you face, you deserve skilled legal representation designed to reduce the potential impact on your life. BCP Criminal Defense Attorneys will relentlessly advocate for you as we pursue the outcome you need.

Assault Defense Strategies

Our attorneys will conduct a complete investigation that includes an assessment of whether police violated your rights, which could lead to a full dismissal. We will examine all relevant information, including police reports and witness statements, to look for inconsistencies and potentially false statements. We will accumulate evidence to effectively illustrate why you deserve reduced or dropped charges.

Contact a Frio County Assault Defense Attorney

Do not delay if you face an assault charge in Texas. Choose a legal team you can trust. To learn how BCP Law can help with your case, contact a 24/7 Pearsall criminal defense lawyer at 830-769-1010. We also serve clients in Wilson County, Floresville, Karnes County, and Karnes City. 


  • “Barrera was my attorney for a criminal and misterminor case. I couldnt ask for a better attorney. At first I was a little nervous because he is a very quiet man, but when he is up there asking questions and cross examination Stephen is amazing and I knew i would be alright. We won both cases with no plea deals. I would recommend Stephen Barrera to everyone. I wish his law firm many years of success. Thank you for helping me keep my freedom.”

    - Laura Egelston

  • “Chris was very professional and knowledgeable of what I was needing taken care of. He handled everything for me and I am so very grateful for his help. I would highly recommend him and his firm. Thank u Chris and Im looking forward to remaining friends. Thanks again, Michael Levick”

    - Michael W. Levick

  • “I was really impressed with Christopher Cavazos and how well he knew the law. On several occasions hes given us valuable legal advice and has been respectful and professional no matter how many questions we had. I recommend him to everyone I know!”

    - Tracy Garcia

  • “Stephen is wonderfully articulate. He has a very organic way of explaining things so that they are clear, concise, and comprehensible to the average person; that coupled with his level of professionalism, empathy, and direct line of communication makes for an easy endorsement and recommendation.”

    - Andrew Sanchez

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