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5 Types of Assault Charges in Texas

 Posted on March 18,2022 in Criminal Defense

TX defense lawyerAssault charges in Texas are divided up into different offense levels, from Class C misdemeanors to first-degree felonies. The general definition of an assault under our state’s law is injuring or threatening to injure another person or making provocative or offensive contact with another person. From there, there can be facts and circumstances that make the offense of assault more serious, or less serious. The exact type of assault you are charged with can depend on any number of things. If you are facing any type of assault charge, it is important that you take the situation very seriously. Having even a less serious misdemeanor assault on your record can close doors. Your first step is contacting a good criminal defense lawyer.

What Are the Types of Misdemeanor Assault?

Misdemeanor assault charges are typically brought when the victim had only very minor injuries or no injuries. Common levels of misdemeanor assault charges include:

  • Class C - The least serious level of assault is charged when either a threat was made, or a provocative or offensive, but not harmful, physical contact was made.
  • Class A - Assault is charged as a Class A misdemeanor when the defendant caused some type of bodily injury, but there are no aggravating factors present. Provocative or offensive contact can also be charged as a Class A misdemeanor if certain circumstances are present, like if the victim is a senior citizen.

While not great to have on your record, these types of assault are treated as less serious.

What Are the Types of Felony Assault?

If you are charged with felony assault, your lawyer may try to reach a plea bargain so that the felony can be reduced to a misdemeanor. This way, you can be saved from becoming a felon. Levels of felony assault include:

  • Third-degree - This is charged when the victim belongs to a protected group, including first responders, security officers, and family members or intimate partners if the defendant choked the victim or has certain preexisting domestic violence convictions.
  • Second-degree - This level of assault is committed against a judge or police officer in retaliation for something they did in the course of their duties.
  • First-degree - Assault is a first-degree felony if there are both aggravating circumstances and a victim in a protected group, including romantic partners, police officers, and public officials. An assault is considered aggravated if the victim was seriously injured or a deadly weapon was used.

A felony assault can carry years of prison time. If you are facing these serious charges, you need an attorney who is experienced with violent crimes defense.

Call a Wilson County Assault Attorney

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