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A Texas City Takes Action to Protect Their Children from Sex Offenders

 Posted on February 08,2021 in Criminal Defense

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There is no question why the label “sex offender” creates a negative stigma for the person who is associated with it. Those who classify as sex offenders may have been convicted of a number of offenses—some of which may involve inappropriate behavior with children. An unfortunate, yet common example includes teachers having inappropriate relationships with students. Even though high school students may be nearing adulthood, anyone under the age of 18 is still considered a minor and a sexual relationship with them can lead to sexual offense charges. Those who are convicted of sex crimes involving a minor will face more serious consequences than others; some can last a lifetime even after a sentence has been served. 

Kyle, Texas Takes Action

Most states have blanket restrictions regarding where registered sex offenders can live and work. For those convicted of a sexual offense involving a child, they are no longer able to live within a certain distance of where children gather, such as a school or a daycare center. The state of Texas was actually the first state to pass a sex offender residency restriction law back in 1994, restricting child sex offenders from living within 500 feet of where children gather. Most cities, however, have tacked on additional ordinances for those living within city limits. 

Kyle, Texas is considered one of the fastest-growing cities in the state, but many are concerned about the population flocking to this area. To the dismay of many parents, the City of Kyle has yet to pass additional restrictions regarding where sex offenders can live. The Kyle Police Department took matters into their own hands this past week by proposing an ordinance to the city council requesting that the city create child safety zones. If passed, the ordinance would make it illegal for child sex offenders to live within 1,500 feet of where kids gather, including schools and parks. The regulations do not apply to those who have been convicted of sex crimes involving adults, although according to reports from KXAN, 60 of the 68 sex offenders living in Kyle are child sex offenders. 

Are These Restrictions Effective?

There is debate on the effectiveness of creating child safety zones to avoid future crimes from being committed. In a city as small as Kyle—like many areas in Texas—creating these large safety zones can effectively ban sex offenders from living in the city at all. With parks sprinkled throughout the city, there are hardly any areas that fall outside of this 1,500 feet area. According to Texas Voices for Reason and Justice—a group that advocates on behalf of individuals coming out of prison with such charges—sex offenders and others with criminal charges are less likely to reoffend when they have reconnected with their family and community, work in a consistent job, and live with a support network. For those who are from smaller areas such as Kyle, Texas, returning to their home community can be almost impossible with restrictions like these. 

Contact an Atascosa County Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer

The consequences of being convicted of a sex crime can follow you for the rest of your life, impacting areas as critical as where you are legally allowed to live. The stigma that surrounds child sex crime accusations can unfortunately be enough to create preconceived notions about your guilt before you enter the courtroom. At BRCK Criminal Defense Attorneys, we believe that everyone is considered innocent until proven guilty, and we will work tirelessly to defend you regardless of the charges against you. If you are facing sex crime charges of any kind, contact our diligent Jourdanton criminal defense attorneys at 830-769-1010 today to schedule your free consultation.





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