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Can I Legally Carry a Concealed Weapon Wearing a Mask in Texas?

 Posted on July 29,2020 in Criminal Defense

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Weapon laws across the United States have always been under scrutiny—are they too restrictive or not strict enough? Texas is one of the states that allows Texas residents to obtain a concealed carry license and carry a weapon a number of places while keeping it concealed from the public eye. After COVID-19 hit the United States, many states now require social distancing practices to be followed and face masks to be worn in all public places. Before this virus became an infamous pandemic, wearing a mask in a public place would likely have others wondering about your intentions. Masks are often used by those attempting to hide their identity while conducting a criminal act. For this reason, many gun owners are concerned about the status of concealed carry permits in the midst of the pandemic.

Wearing a Mask and Carrying a Gun

The question of the impact of mask requirements on concealed carry permits has surfaced on social media platforms, as many who are against the mask requirement view the demand as an infringement on their rights. Posts have been made about these various constitutional breaches, some claiming that having to wear a mask takes away their ability to legally carry a concealed weapon. While in some states this is the case, Texas is not one of them.

Texas law does not name wearing a mask and carrying a gun a criminal offense, even during normal circumstances, but many wondered if COVID-19 would bring additional restrictions. It has been deduced that if the mask is being worn to hide your identity and intimidate others or commit a crime, the action is illegal. If, however, the facial covering is worn to reduce COVID-19 contagion, you are able to wear the mask and still carry the concealed weapon with a valid permit.

Where Can I Carry the Weapon?

Those citizens with concealed carry permits have taken courses and attended training sessions that debrief them on the laws surrounding their permit. In 2016, an enhanced permit was created, which requires additional training and allows Texas residents to open-carry weapons. There are a number of locations that allow someone to carry a concealed or open weapon with the proper permit, but it is easier to remember the locations that do not allow you to carry a weapon since the number is smaller. These include schools, polling places, courtrooms, and secured areas of airports. Private property or business establishments are legally able to restrict one’s right to carry a concealed or open weapon on their premises. Although you may be able to wear a mask and carry a weapon during this time, it is important to know where these restricted areas are to avoid facing criminal charges.

Contact a Karnes City Criminal Defense Lawyer

Anyone who is found in a weapon-restricted area with an open or concealed weapon can face harsh criminal charges and risk the validity of their permit moving forward. These mistakes may not be intentional, but they can still place you in hot water. BRCK Criminal Defense Attorneys works tirelessly to defend Second Amendment rights, especially during these tumultuous times. We have over 40 years of combined experience and are ready to help build a defense strategy that can reduce your sentence, or even result in a not-guilty verdict. Contact our Karnes County weapons defense attorneys at 830-769-1010 to schedule your free consultation.


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