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Despite Texas Stay-at-Home Order, Deadly Car Accidents Are On the Rise

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In late March, Texas Governor Abbott urged Texans to remain at home unless deemed an essential worker or participating in an essential activity. This resulted in the temporary closing of many small businesses, restaurant services switching to takeout-only, and much of the Texas workforce working remotely from home. Because of this, Texas roadways had fewer drivers and a reduced number of vehicles on city streets. A recent report showed shocking statistics for a number of states, including Texas. Despite reduced traffic, Texas saw a 6 percent increase in roadway deaths within the first three months of the year. Texas is not alone and the National Safety Council (NSC) has a few explanations for the surprising numbers. In order to address this increase in reckless driving, law enforcement may be recording speeding and other traffic violations more often than normal.

Open Roads Lead to Recklessness

One would think that empty roads, with fewer vehicles, would lead to a decrease in car accidents and resulting fatalities. Unfortunately, Texas saw the opposite effect, along with 10 other states. The NSC attributes this rise in fatal car accidents to drivers’ disregard for road regulations. They believe that drivers are seeing the open roads as an opportunity for faster speeds and other forms of reckless driving since there are fewer cars that could pose a danger. The NSC has noted an uptick in speeding and also believes that driving regulation adjustments may be partly to blame. In order to avoid social exposure, some states have repealed requirements for teen drivers to pass driving tests before obtaining their license and others have relaxed hours of service rules for commercial drivers. 

Traffic Violations During Reopening

Texas is in the middle of its third phase of the state’s reopening. This has allowed bars and restaurants to open with limited capacity and small gatherings are no longer prohibited, although they are still limited in attendees. Since Texans have been stuck in their homes for the past few months, many may be getting behind the wheel for the first time since the state began its lockdown. Not only are streets becoming busier than they have been in a while, but rusty motorists may also be struggling to drive with their usual comfort. It is critical to follow all road regulations, including speed limits and seatbelt requirements. With the increase of drivers on the road, law enforcement will likely be patrolling the roads more consistently, looking for reckless drivers or those not obeying traffic laws. If you have been pulled over and issued a ticket, a skilled traffic violations attorney may be able to help you keep your driving privileges intact.

Call a Karnes City Traffic Violations Lawyer

Since the number of roadway deaths has increased during the stay-at-home order, Texas law enforcement will likely be taking all levels of speeding or other traffic violations very seriously. While this may be an attempt to protect other drivers on the road, it is likely not a true reflection of your ability to drive as someone who has not gotten behind the wheel in months. At BRCK Criminal Defense Attorneys, we assist clients who have received a traffic violation that they would like to challenge in court. We formulate strong defense strategies to help our clients protect their rights and their ability to drive safely. If you have recently received a traffic ticket, contact our Karnes County criminal defense attorneys at 830-769-1010 to schedule your free consultation.


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