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Does Juvenile Crime Rise on Halloween?

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TX defense lawyerHalloween can be tough for teenagers - they are too old to trick-or-treat but too young to join the costumed crowd in the local bar. Every year, there is an uptick in juvenile crime around Halloween as teenagers celebrate the holiday in their own way. Most teen lawbreaking around the fall holiday involves minor crimes, like vandalism, but petty crime can progress into more serious criminal activity.

Unfortunately for parents, there is no worse Halloween night trick than getting a phone call saying their son or daughter is in jail. If your minor child gets arrested for any reason this Halloween season, getting them a lawyer should be your main priority - a skilled attorney can potentially help avoid a criminal record that could follow your teen for life.

What Crimes Do Juveniles Often Commit Around Halloween?

Teen mischief has been a Halloween tradition for a long time. However, some teens go too far and end up committing crimes. It does not help that many costumes include masks, which may lead teens to feel emboldened to break the law. Around Halloween, teens often get arrested for:

  • Vandalism and theft - Often, these minor crimes involve a neighbor’s lawn decorations or even bowls of candy. However, both crimes can be more serious if
  • Underage drinking or drugs - Teens may celebrate the holiday by drinking or using drugs such as cannabis.
  • Drunk driving - Unfortunately, some teens lack the judgment to find a sober ride home after they drink. Police ramp up their DWI enforcement around holidays, so drunk teen drivers are even more likely to get caught around Halloween.
  • Disorderly conduct - Teens may want to celebrate by cutting loose a bit - this can land them in legal trouble if they take things a little too far and get out of control.
  • Trespassing - This spooky fall holiday often seems like the perfect time for teens to go exploring in abandoned or closed-off buildings. Many other offenses like vandalism often include trespassing on another person’s property.

Whatever trouble a teen gets into for Halloween, it could lead to a permanent criminal record. It is important that you work with an experienced attorney to help your teen avoid harsh lifelong consequences for a youthful mistake.

Contact a Wilson County Juvenile Law Attorney

Hopefully, your family will enjoy a pleasant Halloween without incident. But if your Halloween involves finding out that your teenager has been arrested, the most important thing you can do to help them is find a skilled Wilson juvenile law attorney. A criminal record - even a juvenile record - can follow a teen for life and affect their future educational and career prospects. If your teen has been charged with a crime in Texas, BRCK Criminal Defense Attorneys may be able to help. Call 830-769-1010 for a free consultation.




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