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How Can Bail Bonds Lead to Additional Criminal Charges in Texas?

 Posted on November 19,2020 in Criminal Defense

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If you have watched crime shows on TV or read about famous criminal cases in the newspaper, you have likely seen the term “bail” with an astronomical dollar amount tied to it. A bail is a form of security given by the accused party that he or she will appear before the court for the alleged crime. Along with bail comes a bail bond or personal bail, each of which requires the accused party to put down a certain amount of money to hold him or her accountable for showing up to a scheduled court date. After showing up to the allotted court date, the defendant will be given his or her bail money back with a small court fee taken out. However, if the accused fails to show up to the listed date, he or she could risk losing that bail amount and face additional charges in Texas.

Bail Bond Violations

When receiving bail, the document will have all of the legal requirements and details enclosed to inform the accused party of his or her rights and restrictions. If the bail is violated, he or she could face a fine of up to $4,000 and/or face incarceration for up to one year. If the act committed is a separate offense, aside from just violating the terms of bail, the prosecuted party will be charged with a separate misdemeanor or felony charge in addition to the violation of the order. The violating party also runs the risk of losing the money that was put down for the bail and depending on where he or she got the bail money as well as how high the amount was, losing bail funds can be detrimental to his or her financial security.

When Family Is Involved

Family violence cases are taken very seriously by the court, especially when children are involved. For this reason, Texas legislation specifically outlines the consequences that can result from violating bail that was granted for those facing family violence charges. If the court becomes aware of bail violations, the posted bail bond may be revoked or forfeited for violating the bond conditions. The party will then be taken into custody and may be denied release on bail if the judge determines that the violation placed the safety of the victim or community at risk. Before denying bail, the judge will look at the violation evidence and consider the following factors:

  • The order or condition of the bond

  • The nature and circumstances of the alleged crime

  • The relationship between the accused party and the victim

  • The accused party’s criminal history

  • Any other relevant circumstances that help determine whether or not the accused party poses an imminent threat to the family 

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