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How Do I Dodge a Traffic Violation?

 Posted on August 23,2022 in Criminal Defense

TX defense lawyerHave you been charged with a traffic violation? While a traffic violation is nothing to scoff at, it is one of the most common types of offense people make. This offense is especially prevalent in Texas as there are a number of possible violations you could be cited for. The most common violation is texting and driving, and in some municipalities, it is even illegal to answer a phone call or look up directions while driving. Texas is such a large state and it is crucial to be aware of your specific town’s laws surrounding safe driving.

Some overarching laws to become familiar with are the most frequent, such as motorcycle lane splitting, speeding, DWI, not wearing seatbelts, neglect of appropriate child car seats, texting while driving, and using a mobile device. Driving citations can also be issued without the driver getting pulled over, as it is common practice for tickets, especially those for speeding, to appear in the mail.


Each traffic violation warrants varying penalties, as they are split into minor and major violations. Most of the common traffic violations are minor and result in points against your license. Minor violations are punishable by fines ranging from $50 to $1,000. A minor violation like failure to stop for a school bus may even cost you your license for a period of time. Major traffic violations such as a DWI, are punishable by a maximum fine of $2,000, license suspension, and jail time.

Tickets are issued to those who commit minor traffic violations. Once issued a ticket, you can choose to fight it in court or attend traffic school in order for the ticket to be dismissed. If you have been charged with a major traffic violation, you may immediately be brought into police custody and have to wait for a designated court hearing date.

Your Options

Within the 20 days following the date you were issued a ticket, you may request a contested hearing. Along with requesting a hearing, there is also the option to enroll in a program called Texas defensive driving course. The driving course allows drivers who have committed minor traffic violations the ability to clear their record and dismiss any standing tickets.

Whichever option you choose, it is best practice to seek out legal guidance from an attorney. A defense lawyer can help you navigate the legal system so your case has the best outcome. An attorney can handle all paperwork and negotiate with the prosecutor to increase the chances your charges are dropped.

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If you have been charged with a traffic violation, whether it be minor or major, the Wilson County traffic violation attorneys from our firm believe you deserve fair representation. At BRCK Criminal Defense Attorneys, we believe in an aggressive approach to all of the cases that cross our desks. Contact our office today by calling (830)-769-1010.



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