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I've Been Charged With DWI Who Should I Hire?

 Posted on July 24,2020 in DWI

Wilson County DWI AttorneySo, this is not the time to be looking at general practitioners or family law lawyers that do a little criminal defense on the side. DWI law is incredibly complicated and constantly changing. You're going to want to look at people who specialize in criminal offense and who specialize in DWI defense. You're going to want to look at reviews, awards, more specifically you're going to want to look for people who used to be DWI prosecutors. People who are used to working on the other side of the table, people who used to work with police officers and judges in prosecuting DWI cases.

How long do I have to get my DWI taken care of?

Expect to move quickly. You have 15 days following your DWI arrest to challenge your license suspension. What this practically means is that if you want to continue driving, you need to move quickly in hiring that DWI or criminal defense attorney. A good DWI lawyer will start working on your case immediately, both in crafting a defense as well as devising a plan to keep you driving.

I don't have a lot of time. How do I get through this charge?

So the truth is DWIs simply take a while. Crowded court system, over crowded dockets, lab results taking longer than they probably should -- all complicate and lengthen the DWI process. Now, look, DWIs are part of life. We've represented doctors, nurses, teachers, who've all had DWIs; and the truth is, you're going to get through it. People do get past a DWI arrest, but you need to have patience. Most DWIs should and aren't resolved quickly, but hiring an experienced criminal defense and a DWI attorney is a great first step in putting this problem behind you. DWIs happen, but if you act correctly and you hire the right representation, you can often minimize the penalties and the effect it will have on your life and your future.

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