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Ohio Woman Pleads Guilty of Defrauding Texas Companies

 Posted on January 29,2021 in Criminal Defense

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When you think of scammers, you likely picture pickpockets on city streets or anonymous faces hacking your computer from the other side of the world. Scammers can come in all shapes and sizes, including outsiders targeting companies. While the payoff may be big upfront, the legal ramifications most certainly outweigh the large check. One Ohio woman recently pleaded guilty to participating in a defraud scheme three years ago. Though she was not in charge of the scheme, her actions with Texas companies still left her facing serious criminal charges.

Texas Companies Defrauded of $600k

Bintu Toure, a 26-year-old woman from Canton, Ohio, faces a possible three-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to defrauding two Texas companies of over $600,000. The scheme? Tricking the company by using false invoices. Toure was one of three individuals who sent false invoices to companies pretending to be their suppliers, then moving the money overseas once the cash was in their possession. The group of scammers claimed to be collecting payment for “frozen chicken parts” for two Brazilian poultry suppliers. This white-collar scheme ran from November 2018 through May 2019 and Toure accumulated $629,000 throughout the seven months. Based on the details of her case, Toure faces a maximum sentence of 20 years for both wire fraud and money laundering conspiracy, though her plea deal asks for a sentence on the low end of the spectrum, meaning three to four years in prison.

Common Scams Considered Crimes

In the digital age, scams have become easier than ever. This opens the door to become a victim of a scammer or become involved in a white collar scheme, assuming that the technology provides you with anonymity. The following are common examples of schemes that are considered illegal and can lead to criminal charges:

  • Advance fee scams - This type of scheme asks for payment upfront in order to obtain a certain benefit. For example, the scammer may ask for payment via online payment, wire transfer, or gift cards, promising that you will be granted a prize or loan once the money is received. Instead, the paying party will be willingly handing over money and never see the benefit that he or she was promised.

  • Tech support scams - Tech-savvy scammers may pretend to be a reputable company employee, such as Microsoft, and offer their “services” to remove a virus or error that they fabricated. The scammer will likely provide a phone number then ask for access to your computer so that he or she can remove the virus. He or she will then use this access to record your financial or personal information.

  • IRS scams - These scammers will pretend to be an IRS agent or government employee, stating that you have unpaid taxes and must make up your debt immediately. They may threaten to contact the police if you fail to provide them with the “unpaid taxes” to instill an urgent fear in the individual that they are attempting to scam.

Contact a Wilson County White Collar Crimes Attorney

Have you been accused of being involved in a white-collar crime? Even though the crime does not involve violence or physical harm, the criminal justice system does not tread lightly with those found guilty of monetary scams. Individuals who are found guilty of felony white collar crimes can face stiff fines and years of incarceration. At BRCK Criminal Defense Attorneys, we possess the legal experience and skill that you need to defend your case. We have over 40 years of combined experience in criminal law and have handled thousands of criminal cases at all levels throughout Texas. If you are being accused of committing a white-collar crime, contact our Floresville criminal defense lawyers at 830-769-1010 to schedule a free consultation.




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