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Tips For If You Are Being Pulled Over

 Posted on July 24,2020 in Criminal Defense

Wilson County Traffic Stop LawyerSo naturally, it is frustrating; it is upsetting to get pulled over by the police for a traffic violation. That's completely normal but the idea to remember here is that nowadays everything is being recorded -- audio and video -- and being polite is an easy way to improve your situation. It's an easy way to improve the outcome of your case. Those videos and those recordings are likely going to be reviewed by a court, by a judge, even possibly a jury, and you want to come across the right way. You want to come across professional and polite. Truth is officers have a lot of discretion in dealing with defendants and you can get on their good side by simply showing respect and following the rules. The opposite holds true as well. If you act like a jerk, if you are rude, really all you do is increase the odds that you're going to end up in handcuffs and end up at the local jail.

Should I get out of my vehicle?

So don't exit the vehicle unless specifically asked to by the officer. This can sometimes be misperceived as an act of aggression. Officer safety is always at the top of every officer's mind during a traffic stop. Now the PlayBook is pretty simple here. You're going to want to pull over on the side of the road, turn your engine off, turn your hazard lights on. If it's at night, put on the dome light, lower your window and keep your hands visible for the officer.

What do I do if I feel like it is not a real cop?

So Texas law requires that a driver pull over immediately if an officer is attempting to conduct a traffic stop, but sometimes you might not feel safe. The area might be unlit; it might be late at night; it might be a country road with no one else around you. Additionally, you may feel like this officer is not an actual police officer. Maybe they're not in uniform, maybe they're in an unmarked vehicle. The DPS website says that if you find yourself in this situation, do the following: slow down, turn on your hazard lights and call 911. Let the dispatch know who you are, where you're at and if possible the name of the officer that's attempting to pull you over. This is a good practice if you're just feeling like something's off about a traffic stop.

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