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What Are the Most Common Traffic Violations in Texas?

 Posted on February 26,2021 in Criminal Defense

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There is no worse feeling than seeing blue and red flashing lights in your rearview mirror. You pull over, get out your driver’s license and insurance cards, and anxiously await for the police officer to come to your window. Typically, drivers know what they are being pulled over for, but in some cases, you may be uncertain. Do you remember speeding? Did you properly use your turn signal? Did you blow a stop sign? If you do not remember disregarding the laws of the road, there is a chance that you did not actually do what the officer is accusing you of. Policemen understandably make mistakes, just like anyone else, which is why you have the opportunity to challenge traffic violation tickets.

Common Traffic Offenses

There are a number of traffic violations that are common on Texas roadways, some that seem fairly innocent while others blatantly place the driver and others on the road in danger. The following are the most common traffic offenses in Texas:

  1. Texting and Driving: Over the past decade, motorists have been warned against the dangers of texting and driving, and in response to a high number of catastrophic accidents, the act of texting and driving is now illegal in Texas. This includes using your phone while stopped at an intersection and talking on the phone without a hands-free, Bluetooth connection. 

  2. Motorcycle Lane Splitting: The compact nature of a motorcycle can make many drivers feel as if they have more flexibility while driving. Rather than waiting in the long line of traffic, motorcyclists may consider weaving around cars to move quicker. This is known as lane splitting and is considered illegal. Not only does it place the motorcyclist at risk, but it can also place the other driver in harm’s way.

  3. Speeding: This offense is common in any state as it can be too easy to go a bit over the speed limit. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), however, Texas is among the top five states that issue the most speeding tickets. The severity of your ticket can vary greatly depending on how many miles over the speed limit you drive.

  4. DWI: Driving while intoxicated (DWI) unfortunately falls under this list despite the fact that it comes with some of the most severe penalties. The offense is typically charged as a Class B misdemeanor, with up to six months in jail and a $2,000 fine. Any subsequent offenses increase in severity, escalating to 20 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

  5. Not Using Car Seats: This offense may come as a surprise since most people recognize that car seats are a necessity for kids; however, it is cited as one of the most common offenses. Those who are found driving kids without a car seat can receive a ticket for placing the children in danger while driving. While you may run into the instance of forgetting the car seat at home or driving your children’s friends home from daycare or preschool, it is imperative that you only drive them if you have the additional car seat.

  6. Not Wearing Seatbelts: Over time, Texas has updated its seatbelt law to require everyone in the car to wear one at all times, including those in the back seat. If anyone is found not wearing their seatbelt, the driver can be issued a ticket.

Contact a Wilson County Traffic Violations Lawyer

When people are issued traffic tickets, they often pay the fees without a second thought. While this may be acceptable for a low-level ticket, those being charged with serious traffic violations should take the time to review their actions and charges to ensure that they are not facing any violations that they did not commit. If you have doubts about a recently received citation, BRCK Criminal Defense Attorneys can help. We assist Texans with challenging traffic violations of all levels, spanning from a speeding ticket to a DWI charge. For help with your case, contact our Floresville traffic violations defense attorney at 830-769-1010 today.



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