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Atascosa County Personal Injury Lawyers

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Atascosa County Personal Injury Lawyers

When you or a loved one are injured in an accident caused by someone else's negligence, you need an experienced personal injury attorney who can get you the compensation you deserve. The accomplished lawyers at BCP Criminal Defense Attorneys are ready to achieve justice for you and your family. We secure financial awards for our clients to cover hospital bills, rehabilitation costs, lost work hours, and pain and suffering. We also hold negligent individuals and businesses accountable for their actions, including in wrongful death cases in which families have suffered the worst kind of personal loss.

Types of Personal Injury Cases

Severe injuries occur in a variety of settings. Some of the most devastating causes of serious injuries include:

Car Wrecks: More than 2.7 million Americans are injured each year in car accidents, including those caused by texting while driving, speeding, unsafe following distance, improper lane changes, running red lights or stop signs, and DWI.

Truck Wrecks: The immense size and weight of your average tractor-trailer mean any collision with a passenger vehicle can be catastrophic. These accidents often result from excessive speed, distracted driving, drug use, or faulty brakes.

Motorcycle Wrecks: Around 90,000 motorcyclists are injured in accidents every year, with 40 percent due to vehicles turning left while an unseen motorcycle is in the next lane. Other causes include open doors on parked cars and defective motorcycles.

Oil and Gas Industry Accidents: Debilitating injuries are not uncommon in this dangerous occupation, including due to fire and explosions, fracking accidents, equipment failure, oil well blowouts, and trucking accidents.

If you or a family member were injured in any of these or a different accident attributable to the actions of another individual or business, BCP Criminal Defense Attorneys are ready to fight for you. This includes slip and fall injuries on public or private property and dog bites.

Winning a Personal Injury Claim

BCP Criminal Defense Attorneys will pursue a personal injury claim to secure the compensation you and your family need. For a successful injury claim, you must provide a full diagnosis from a doctor that details all injuries related to your accident and the projected short- and long-term effects. This allows us to plan for any future costs that may arise, in addition to current medical bills. From there, our skilled legal team can gather the evidence necessary to prove negligence and that it directly caused the injuries you suffered. Our investigation will include any relevant records and witness statements that support your claim. If we cannot reach a settlement agreement prior to trial, we are prepared for full litigation to get what you deserve.

Contact a Pearsall Personal Injury Attorney

It is easy to lose hope when you are dealing with the pain, complications, and monetary costs that typically come with a serious accident. At BCP Criminal Defense Attorneys, we are ready to alleviate much of that burden, as we serve as your dedicated advocate throughout the legal process. We will fight to secure your financial future as you focus on your physical recovery and emotional well-being. To speak with an experienced Floresville injury lawyer, contact us at 830-769-1010 today. We also serve Karnes City.


  • “Barrera was my attorney for a criminal and misterminor case. I couldnt ask for a better attorney. At first I was a little nervous because he is a very quiet man, but when he is up there asking questions and cross examination Stephen is amazing and I knew i would be alright. We won both cases with no plea deals. I would recommend Stephen Barrera to everyone. I wish his law firm many years of success. Thank you for helping me keep my freedom.”

    - Laura Egelston

  • “Chris was very professional and knowledgeable of what I was needing taken care of. He handled everything for me and I am so very grateful for his help. I would highly recommend him and his firm. Thank u Chris and Im looking forward to remaining friends. Thanks again, Michael Levick”

    - Michael W. Levick

  • “I was really impressed with Christopher Cavazos and how well he knew the law. On several occasions hes given us valuable legal advice and has been respectful and professional no matter how many questions we had. I recommend him to everyone I know!”

    - Tracy Garcia

  • “Stephen is wonderfully articulate. He has a very organic way of explaining things so that they are clear, concise, and comprehensible to the average person; that coupled with his level of professionalism, empathy, and direct line of communication makes for an easy endorsement and recommendation.”

    - Andrew Sanchez

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