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4 Myths About DWI/DUIs You’ve Most Likely Believed To Be True

 Posted on December 06,2019 in DWI

Texas DWI Defense AttorneyHoliday parties are in full swing serving your favorite spiked eggnog or toasting the night away with friends and family over many glasses of champagne. Blurred senses and decreased rational thinking usually follow, which unfortunately bring the possibility of an increased number of drunk drivers on the road.

Driving while intoxicated (DWI) and driving under the influence (DUI) are serious offenses that can damage your reputation and criminal record. Although there is never an excuse to drink and drive, here are five myths you need to debunk if you’re ever pulled over while inebriated.

Myth #1: If I don’t blow hard enough in the breathalyzer, it won’t fully read my BAC.

Failing to breathe into a breathalyzer test will only result in an officer asking you to redo the test until an accurate result is recorded. Drivers who unlawfully refuse to take the test face serious consequences. In Texas, the first offense is 180-day license suspension with up to 2 years for a third offense. It’s also important to note that breathalyzers measure the amount of chemical alcohol content in the breath not the amount in your blood. Taking a blood test is an alternate option you could make if you feel you were cheated by a breathalyzer test.

Myth #2: Field sobriety tests accurately identify intoxicated drivers.

Walking a straight line or following a flashlight with your eyes are examples of sobriety tests that officers will ask of you if they think you are under the influence. These tests are not always considered to be the most accurate form of testing for someone who is intoxicated and you may refuse to take them. Many other factors can play into someone being unable to perform these tasks, such as having personal medical conditions. The judgment if someone is intoxicated could be the same deciding factor as a flipping of a coin.

Myth #3: I was only driving because my passenger was more drunk than me.

It doesn’t matter whether you or your passenger is more intoxicated, if you’re inebriated while operating a vehicle, it is still considered drunk driving. You can expect officers to have no sympathy towards someone being “less drunk” than the person in the passenger seat.

Myth #4: Sucking on pennies will lower a person’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) reading.

Trying to fool an officer by sucking on loose change will simply not work. The breathalyzer measures your alcohol level from deep within your lungs and copper has no effect on the alcohol content in your breath. Other forms of alcohol deterrents, such as using mouthwash or gum to eliminate the smell of booze on your breath, could actually heighten your BAC level.

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