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Can Criminal Charges I Received as a Minor Be Expunged in Texas?

 Posted on January 21,2020 in Criminal Defense

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Few people have a spotless record in the eyes of the law. Maybe you received a traffic ticket when you were first learning to drive, or you were caught with alcohol before turning 21. Teenagers often make decisions before considering the legal consequences that may follow. Not only can these “bad choices” lead to large fines or jail time, but they can also remain on your record as you try to move on from your past mistakes. In Texas, those with a criminal record can sometimes have the charges removed or expunged. Although many people may not seek out this option until they are an adult looking for a job, minors should consider expunction to give themselves a better chance of clearing their record at an earlier age. 

What Is Expunction?

Being able to hide your previous encounters with the law can help you move on personally and professionally. Most convictions cannot be removed from an individual’s record, especially those considered more serious. However, expunction may allow Texans to remove information about arrests that were never formally charged, criminal charges that were dismissed, or cases in which a pre-trial diversion program was completed. Expunction may also be available for certain types of convictions, such as some first-time DWI charges. Once expunction is approved, all information will be erased from criminal records, allowing the person to deny the incident and any consequences that came from it. 

Expunging Records of Minors

Expunction is typically easier to obtain for minors, since the offenses they committed are often less serious than those by adults. Misdemeanors committed before the age of 17 that were punished with fines qualify for expunction. Offenses regarding underage drinking and failure to attend school are also typically eligible for expunction. In many cases, a court is required to provide the minor and the child’s parents with information about expunction to help them better understand the process and give the child a second chance. This advice should also include details such as the age requirements, and parents and children should be reminded that expunction is unavailable to those who have been convicted of more than one crime. 

Contact a Karnes City Expunction Lawyer

Texas offers expunction as an opportunity to start over if you are willing to put in a certain amount of effort. This work includes completing your sentence, keeping your record clean, and following the legal process to properly apply for expunction. While the first two steps are done personally, the last step is best completed with the assistance of an experienced lawyer. At BRCK Criminal Defense Attorneys, we have the knowledge and skills to help you move on from your past and improve your future. If you are looking to expunge a criminal charge or conviction on your record, call our accomplished Karnes County criminal defense attorneys today at 830-769-1010 to schedule your free consultation.


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