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Tips for Beating a Murder Charge in Frio County

 Posted on January 23,2023 in Criminal Defense

Atascosa County homicide defense lawyerMurder is, arguably, the most severe offense someone can be charged with within the entire United States. If convicted, offenders may spend the rest of their lives in prison or even be put to death. In addition, defendants in murder cases are often at somewhat of a disadvantage against the legal system, as those charged with murder are often considered guilty in the public opinion before they even stand trial. As a result, defending against a murder charge is no small task. 

If you have been charged with murder, understand the legal jeopardy you are currently in. To successfully beat murder charges, you must obtain masterful legal counsel to help create reasonable doubt in the jurors' minds. Without such legal representation, you may permanently lose your freedoms and possibly even your life. While defending against murder charges is not easy, it is not impossible either. This blog will address different defenses that, if applied appropriately, may be enough to acquit you, thereby giving you back your freedom. 

What Are Some Possible Defenses Against a Murder Charge? 

The prosecution in murder cases is often notoriously aggressive. However, depending on your situation, there may be different defenses that your legal counsel may implement to create reasonable doubt in the minds of the jury. Possible defenses include the following: 


  • Self-defense – For this line of defense to be successful, your lawyer must demonstrate that you acted the way you did because it was proportionate to whatever threat you faced. You must prove that you were at severe risk of bodily injury from the person you allegedly killed. 


  • Lack of intent – Your lawyer may use this defense to try and illustrate that you did not intend to kill the other person. This is sometimes referred to as a "heat of passion" defense. Proving that you did not intend to kill the person may be able to lessen the charge from murder to a charge like manslaughter or criminally negligent homicide.


  • Mistaken identity – For this defense to be successful, your attorney may try to demonstrate that you could not have murdered the deceased because you were somewhere else at the time of the killing. By establishing an alibi, you may be able to demonstrate that you have been wrongfully accused and charged with the offense. If an airtight alibi is not possible, your lawyer will likely try to place reasonable doubt in the jurors' minds by poking holes in the prosecution’s narrative.

Contact an Atascosa County Homicide Defense Attorney

Since murder charges are so aggressively prosecuted, you will need the best legal counsel available for a chance to be acquitted. To give yourself the best opportunity to beat the murder charge against you, contact the astute Jourdanton homicide defense lawyers at BRCK Criminal Defense Attorneys. Call 830-769-1010 for a free consultation. 


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